Walking With A New Groove In My Steps

Submitted by Kellie Claudio

You know when a pain specialist asks, “Rate your pain threshold from 1 – 10 with 10 being the most severe”?

Since 2003, it has been between 8 and 10 consistently. Left hip, left lower back, left groin, and what felt like knives scoring up and down my left leg hindering my ability to do my job effectively.

I travel 235 days a year. I stand at tradeshows for 10 hours a day. I pack 150lb garment bags to carry my line. I saw no less than 14 pain management specialists in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Pennsylvania, including the pain specialist to the Pittsburgh Steelers! I was given epidurals, bursa, and groin shots every three months until my insurance stopped approving me.

Then, I met Dr. Zachary Cohn who said, “I know what your problem is… you need SI Joint Fusion. I am sending you to the best in San Diego, Dr. Paul Kim.”

Dr. Cohn was the blessing I never believed would happen while Dr. Kim was the magician I needed desperately to relieve my pain and sense of self to get me back to normalcy. Super chill guy, Dr. Kim’s team, and Dr. Cohn fought like hell to get me approved by Anthem Blue Cross after 3 denials. Dr. Kim’s finesse and lovely bedside manner were beautiful throughout the process. I am off crutches and walking with a new groove in my steps. I was so excited to have this terrible pain relieved. Mission accomplished!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Kim. You are my hero!

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