Spine Care at its Best

Spine Care At Its Best

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At the Spine Institute of San Diego, advanced techniques in disc replacement surgery provide lasting relief and mobility for those suffering from neck and back pain.

Some studies show that two out of three Americans may experience neck pain at least once during their life-time. Patient education, pain control, and physical therapy are the first lines of treatment. But for some adults with disc damage, neck pain, or neurological symptoms, first-line nonsurgical treatment may not be enough.

For those patients, the Spine Institute of San Diego and the world of medical technology have more to offer. Th e Mobi-C® by Zimmer Biomet is a surgically implanted cervical artificial disc replacement that features patented mobile bearing technology designed to allow the replaced disc to self-adjust and facilitate motion similar to the natural cervical spine. Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh is the director of clinical research and a practitioner of minimally invasive spine surgery at the Spine Institute, a regional magnet for high-caliber spinal care.

Spine Care At It's Best
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