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Patient of Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh 

As a patient of Dr. Raiszadeh having undergone spinal surgery to replace two disks, I have to commend  Dr. Raiszadeh and all his staff as I experienced almost no pain of the neck immediately after surgery and literally on my feet moving around, walking my dog and going to restaurants within a few days post surgery.  Dr. Raiszadeh was very assertive in his prognosis and treatment which he did with great care and compassion. It’s been three months since surgery and I’ve been feeling better then ever, sailing, sky diving, and training dogs. I am not an advocate of surgery but if you ever need a procedure done on your spine I would very much recommend the services of Dr. Raiszadeh and his staff as they provided me with the best experience possible.


Eddy K.

Eddy K. Skydiving

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