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In an effort to protect our patients, staff, physicians, their families and others from the seasonal flu and coronavirus (COVID-19), we kindly ask you to not enter our facilities if you are experiencing a fever, shortness of breath, cough or feel sick in general. Also, if you have been in close contact with someone who is being evaluated or has been confirmed as having COVID-19, we ask that you please reschedule your appointment. Should you have such symptoms, please contact your family practitioner for assistance. We appreciate your assistance and understanding.

Our doctors and surgeons created the Spine and Brain Institute of San Diego with a mission to provide patients with the best spine care possible. Dr’s. Ramin Raiszadeh, Paul D. Kim, Sunil Jeswani, and Sabareesh Natarajan are board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons who believe that spinal ailments should not restrict anyone from enjoying a high quality of life.

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  • It’s been three months since surgery and I’ve been feeling better then ever, sailing, sky diving, and training dogs. I am not an advocate of surgery but if you ever need a procedure done on your spine I would very much recommend the services of Dr. Raiszadeh and his staff as they provided me with the best experience possible.

    Eddy K.
  • I have been nerve pain free since the day of the surgery… Back wellness is a journey and the Spine Institute was the right path for me!
  • What a wonderful staff you have, especially in your office and not to mention in the O.R. They are truly all compassionate and caring! I am doing as well as can be expected for a little old lady. I am healing every day and taking it one day at a time. I am happy to have you as my doctor. Thank you for all of your care.

    Dorris L.
  • I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my back. You put me back on my feet. You are my miracle doctor. I’ll never forget the first time I cam in to see you. For some reason I knew you were the doctor that was going to do my surgery so I didn’t hesitate. I am so grateful to have known you. My boys are very grateful too. I am writing on this butterfly card because this is how I feel like, a butterfly “free”. My grandson has been given your name in honor of you saving me.

    Maria P.
  • I was unable to walk or stand w/o major pain down my left leg. I am very pleased with Dr. Raiszadeh’s treatment. He performed a PLIF (posterior lumbar interbody fusion) with instrumentation, and this has (so far) resolved the pain. The Dr. was very professional and caring, and I would gladly recommend him to my friends.


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“I’m not ready to slow down”

As we enter the holiday season, many of us reflect on our accomplishments and look forward to the promise of a new year. This year had its challenges and triumphs, and when my patient John sent me a text that he was back to skiing double black diamonds, I couldn’t help but feel gratitude. As...
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Faces of Healthcare 2023

Spine and Brain Institute of San Diego Patients looking for innovative spinal and brain care will likely find their way to the Spine and Brain Institute of San Diego, where the physicians believe that compassionate, advanced care is the best form of healthcare. Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh, Dr. Paul D. Kim, Dr. Sunil Jeswani, and Dr....
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San Diego Faces of Healthcare 2022

Patients looking for innovative spinal care will likely find their way to the Spine Institute of San Diego, where Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh and Dr. Paul D. Kim have a firm belief that compassionate, advanced care is the best form of health care. Dr. Ramin Raiszadeh and Dr. Paul D. Kim lead a team that specializes...
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Walking With A New Groove In My Steps

Submitted by Kellie Claudio You know when a pain specialist asks, “Rate your pain threshold from 1 – 10 with 10 being the most severe”? Since 2003, it has been between 8 and 10 consistently. Left hip, left lower back, left groin, and what felt like knives scoring up and down my left leg hindering...
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